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Bill Payer System Information

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Scheduling Payments with Bill Payer

Scheduling payments with Bill Payer is easy and straightforward:

Simply choose one payment date when you want the payment to be received by the payee. The majority of payments are electronic, so the amount will be removed from your account on the date selected. the payee will receive the payment on the selected date as well. 


Important Information About eBills

While eBills will have to be set up in the new system, CheckFree offers an improved eBills experience, and they are much more integrated with the billers who participate.

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Bill Payer FAQs

Why is Wings changing to a new Bill Payer system?

Wings Financial’s current Bill Payer system was recently acquired by another company and will be discontinued in a few months. We reviewed several replacement systems and decided to switch to CheckFree, one of the nation’s leading Bill Payer service providers. Based on member feedback, the features and level of service members have asked for are all available with CheckFree.


When will the switch to CheckFree occur?

To ensure the best possible experience changing to our new Bill Payer system, we have rescheduled the upgrade to the following timeline:

Wings current Bill Payer will be discontinued on Monday, July 10, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. CT The new Bill Payer system will be available by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Between the times listed above, you will not be able to access Bill Payer, but any payments scheduled during this time will continue to be processed.


Will I need to re-enroll in Bill Payer?

No, you will not need to enroll in Bill Payer, but you will need to accept the new Terms & Conditions the first time you log beginning July 12, 2017.


How will I access the new Bill Payer?

After the new system is active, you will be able to access Bill Payer the same way as today. Click on the “Bill Payer” icon at the top of the CU Online Screen. If you use our mobile banking apps, access will be the same.


Will Mobile Bill Payer Change?

Yes, the new system will also be available through our mobile apps and operate the same way. However, the look and feel of the mobile version of Bill Payer will look nearly identical to the current system.


Will payments be scheduled the same way in the new system as the current system?

There are several differences in the way payments are made with the new Bill Payer system. You will choose a payment due date that you want the payment to be received by the payee. That date will also be the day the funds will be debited from your account. Currently you would select two dates – “Send On” (the day the funds are debited from your account), and “Deliver By” (The date the funds are set to be received by the payee).

For Example:

Current System: If you scheduled a payment with a “Deliver By” date of 06/16/17, the funds would be deducted from your account on the “Send On” date one or more days in advance of the “Deliver By” date.

New System: If you schedule a payment with a “Deliver By” date of 06/16/17, the payment will be credited to the payee and the funds will be deducted from your account on 6/16/17. In some cases, funds may be sent as a paper check and the funds will not be deducted from your account until the payment is received by the payee.


Which date will be transferred over to the new system – “Send On” or “Deliver By”?

The date you selected for “Send On” will be the new payment delivery date established for bills in the new system. You will be able to go in the system and adjust that date to the bill due date if you wish.


Will my current Bill Payer payees transfer to the new system?

Yes, your payees will transfer over to the new system. There may be some limited instances where a payee may not transfer over. In those cases, you may need to set them up again.


Will my scheduled and recurring payments transfer to the new system?

Yes, scheduled and recurring bill payments should transfer to the new system. However, if you have a payment that is scheduled for more than a year out (past May 2018), you may have to re-enter this scheduled payment.


Will my Bill Payer history transfer over to the new system?

Yes, 12 months of history will be transferred over to the new system.


Will my eBills transfer to the new system?

No, we will not be able to transfer eBills to the new system. However, one of the benefits of the new system will be an enhanced eBill experience. Once you set the eBills up initially, the experience is more integrated with most billers.


What are eBills?

eBills are sometimes confused with Bill Payer bill payments. eBills are how a biller presents the bill to you electronically. By selecting eBills, you are choosing to receive your bill electronically through our Bill Payer system. This involves entering login information to the vendor’s web site so your bill can be retrieved when it is ready.


Is there a fee for using Bill Payer?

Bill Payer is a free service when you make 3 payments per month. If you do not make 3 payments in the same month, a $5.95 fee applies.


What percentage of Bill Payer payments are made electronically?

Approximately 83% of bill payments are made electronically with our new system.