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Cut the paper clutter! Sign up for eDocuments to receive your statements and notices faster and more securely via CU Online.

  • eStatements. Access up to 24 months of statements within the eDocuments portal.
  • Tax documents. You'll find common tax forms, including Form 1098, 1099 and 5498.
  • Account notices, including Return Items/Overdraft notices, Certificate Notices of Maturity and late notices.
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It’s Simple — Switch Today!

1) Sign into CU Online and select “eDocuments.”

2) Review the disclosure and click “Accept.” You’ll see your current statement right away, together with up to 23 previous statements.

3) Under "Member Service" then "Change Email Address," confirm that we have your current email address.

4) After sign-up, you'll receive an email notification any time there is a statement or notice ready for review. Please note that it is important to always keep your email address current in our system.


Questions? Call us at 1 800 692-2274.

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