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New technology to make banking more convenient.
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    Get the help you need more quickly.

    Just as you might use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you can now use your voiceprint for identification when calling the Member Service Center.

    Why Voice ID is Secure

    Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Wings Voice ID utilizes the industry's leading voice biometrics system, trusted by institutions worldwide, to identify you and prevent fraud.

    Common Questions About Wings Voice ID

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    What is a voiceprint?

    A voiceprint is a set of traits unique to your voice pattern, created from more than 100 physical and behavioral voice characteristics, including pitch, accent, and the shape/size of your vocal tract.

    How do I start using Voice ID?

    There's nothing specific you need to do. The next time you call Member Services at 1 800 692-2274, we'll create your voiceprint while we're assisting you.

    How many voiceprints can be on my account?

    Each member will have one voiceprint associated with their account profile. If you have a joint account (say with your spouse), you will each have your own voiceprint.

    Can my voiceprint be stolen?

    No, because it's not a recording. Voiceprints are a mathematical representation of the biometric and behavioral features of your voice; a series of numbers that would not allow a hacker to reconstruct your actual voice.

    Will it still work if my voice changes due to a cold?

    Generally, yes, the slight changes due to a cold or illness won't interfere with Voice ID. In more extreme instances, we will verify you using alternative methods until you feel better.

    Meet with a Wings Financial Advisor face-to-face, anyplace.

    Wings live brings you the personal Wings Financial Advisor experience
    through the convenience of your mobile device, allowing you to connect with an advisor anywhere.

    Wings Live makes it easy to get answers to all your investment questions, and enables you to:

    • Speak face-to-face with an advisor through your mobile device
    • Get a no-obligation consultation with an advisor
    • Setup an appointment with an advisor to review your portfolio
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    Easy steps to get started with Wings Live.

    You can also schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-692-2274, option 7.

    • Search for 'Wings Live' in the App Store or Google Play Store

    • Download the Wings Live app

    • Launch the app and connect with a live advisor anytime Monday - Friday at 9AM - 4PM

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