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Manage your personal financial goals with Money Tracker.
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    Keep Your Goals and Spending On Track

    To help members become more successful at setting and reaching their financial goals, Wings is pleased to offer Money Tracker, a financial management tool integrated with CU Online and the Wings Mobile App.

    Money Tracker makes it easy to see your entire financial picture at a glance, while setting financial goals and tracking spending. In fact, some people who have used tools like Money Tracker report saving an average of $100 per month!

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    Let Money Tracker help you with your finances. 

    Keep tabs on all your accounts

    View all of your accounts, including those outside of Wings Financial, in one place to better track the whole picture.

    Set a financial goal and track your progress

    Just create a goal, specify the timeframe and account to use, and Money Tracker will display how much you'll need to set aside each month to reach your goal.

    Budget spending by category

    See your average spending for each category, plus tips on how much you could save by spending slightly less.

    Monitor your cash flow

    Add your income and regular expenses to see when things might get tight during the month and where you could make changes.

    Set up alerts

    Receive a text message or email for budgeting, savings goals or cash flow issues.

    Common Questions About Money Tracker

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    How do I access Money Tracker?

    Accessing Money Tracker is simple. Just click the Money Tracker icon in CU Online, and you will have access to the system. Your Wings accounts will be imported automatically, and you may also open links to accounts at other institutions such as 401k accounts. You can also access Money Tracker through Mobile Banking as well.

    Is there a fee for Money Tracker?

    No, Money Tracker is a free service for Wings Financial Credit Union members.

    How much history is available for accounts in Money Tracker?

    Initially, the system will import 45 days of history for your accounts. History will continue to be imported after that. Because of the initial volume of transactions being imported, the first download may take a few minutes.

    Why doesn't my Wings Credit Card appear automatically in Money Tracker?

    Wings Financial Credit Cards are housed on a separate system than our other products and services. Because of this, they currently must be set up manually like you would set up an external account. Simply search for Wings Financial Credit Union and provide your login information.

    Let's talk about your dreams.

    Wings Financial Advisors can help walk you through your budget, cash flow, short and long term goals, and more. Talk with one of our professionals today.

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