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Life Guidance: Retirement

Reach retirement with confidence.
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Grow your wealth for a rewarding retirement.

Retirement is the prize many of us strive for during our working years. The goal is to reach retirement with a nest egg to support an era that includes relaxation, family, and travel. Wings Financial understands the necessary steps to grow wealth that can fund a fulfilling retirement. We will review your current financial situation and make clear recommendations regarding savings accounts, money market accounts, Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, and more. 

Your dream is within reach. Save now and retire right on time.

We don’t live to work - we work to live and someday retire. The ultimate payoff after years of career building and productivity is several decades of work-free days.

We all have retirement aspirations. Planning for retirement requires discipline and a personalized plan for earning and saving. There are several ways to build your retirement foundation, grow wealth, and retire on time. We offer a variety of retirement savings and investment approaches, including Roth and traditional IRAs. 

While both types of IRAs can help you reach your goals using contributions made with post-tax dollars, the two have important differences. A traditional IRA is taxed as if it is income, while a Roth IRA is not taxed. A Wings Financial advisor will help you determine which IRA to choose for your goals.

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Retirement is Within Reach. Calculate Your Progress.

Make your retirement a reality with a focused plan for earning, saving, and investing. With proper choices, your retirement will be on track. Try this interactive calculator to start your journey to a fully funded retirement.

Calculate Your Retirement

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Our experts are here to guide you.

Wings Financial Advisors help our members turn financial plans into reality. Get started today with a complimentary consultation for straightforward, professional advice from the credit union you already know and trust.

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