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Money Tracker personal finance management:
Keeping your goals & spending on track

To help members become more successful at setting and reaching their financial goals, Wings is pleased to offer Money Tracker, a financial management tool integrated with CU Online.

Money Tracker makes it easy to see your entire financial picture at a glance, while setting financial goals and tracking spending. In fact, some people who have used tools like Money Tracker report saving an average of $100 per month!


Use Money Tracker to:

  • Keep tabs on all your accounts, including accounts outside of Wings Financial.
  • Set a financial goal and track your progress. Just create a goal, specify the timeframe and account to use, and Money Tracker will display how much you'll need to set aside each month to reach your goal.
  • Budget spending by category, for example, groceries or dining out. See your average spending for each category, plus tips on how much you could save by spending slightly less.
  • Monitor your cash flow. Add your income and regular expenses to see when things might get tight during the month and where you could make changes.
  • Set up alerts to receive a text message or email for budgeting, savings goals or cash flow issues.

Step-by-step instructions make Money Tracker easy to set up and use, while monthly progress meters help keep you on track.

Money Tracker FAQs