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Phone-Based Fraud & Identity Theft

With all the talk about Internet-based fraud and Identity theft, it's easy to forget that phone fraud and identity theft is still prevalent. Phone scammers work hard to obtain your personal information, account details, and anything else they can get their hands on. Wings Financial Credit Union is here to provide you with information on common scams, what to do if you become a victim of phone fraud, and more.

Stay alert and ahead of potential fraud with our new, automated Fraud Alert System.

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Phone fraud is a common type of identity theft scam where the scammer tries to get you to give out personal information, account information, and more by posing as a bank, credit union, or other establishment you may be a member of or frequent.


Wings Financial have received reports of members receiving calls with a spoofed caller ID indicating NWA Federal or Wings Financial Credit Union. On these calls, an automated voice states that the recipient’s MasterCard has been deactivated. It then asks for the card number to be entered in order to reactivate the account.

REMEMBER:Wings Financial Credit Union does not request financial information over the phone unless the call is initiated by you and only after we have verified your identity. If you receive a suspicious call, DO NOT provide the information requested.


We have also received reports of members being called from 888-997-1234 and told their card was suspended from online shopping and payments and they should contact the security department in order to reactivate their card. This is NOT Wings Financial, so please do not give out ANY account information.

This is a phishing scam and Wings Financial will never ask for card information via a phone call. If you receive a call regarding your card, you can verify it is Wings Financial by calling us back at 1 800-692-2274.


Contact Member Services immediately to report it: 1 800 692-2274, Option 2

Report the call to the authorities by noting as many of the following as you can:

  • Phone number the call was received from, if available.
  • Details of the phone conversation or recorded message.
  • What information were they asking for (account numbers, debit card information, etc.)?
  • If you gave out information, did you close the related account(s) or card(s)?
  • If a number was given to you to return the call, what was the number?
  • Was the call received by you on a cell phone or a landline?
  • If the call was to your cell phone, who is your service provider?