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TruStage Banner Test

Testing the "banner" and stuff.

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A layer of protection for your account. Standard.

Overdraft Protection uses available funds from a linked account to cover your transactions if you don’t have enough money in your checking account.

In the case that an overdraft occurs, a transfer takes place once per day to bring the checking account to a positive balance. Overdraft Protection is automatically set up from your Share Savings account. You can also add a line of credit, another checking account, Money Manager, and/or additional savings accounts, up to a total of four accounts, as Overdraft Protection.

In addition, Overdraft Protection Plus offers an extra layer of protection in the case that Overdraft Protection is insufficient for your needs. (Opt-in required. A fee will apply if this service is used. ODP+ Agreement and Disclosure.)

Add Additional Accounts as Overdraft Protection

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