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Making higher education more affordable through scholarships.
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    Scholarship Programs

    Did you know that the average student loan debt at graduation is over $31,000? And graduates who have been out of school for years often owe more than new graduates, due to interest rates.1

    As part of its commitment to higher education, the Wings Financial Foundation proudly awards 11 scholarships totaling $30,000 to outstanding Undergrad and Post-Grad members who plan to attend an accredited college, university, or post-secondary technical school.

    Please visit our website in November 2022 for upcoming announcements regarding the 2023-2024 scholarship program.

    1Hanson, Melanie. “Average Student Loan Debt by Year”, January 19, 2022,

    2022-2023 MNCUN Scholarship Open

    The Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Council has officially launched their 2022-2023 scholarship which will award scholarships to 16 Minnesota credit union members. Any member of a Minnesota Credit Union Network affiliated credit union pursuing post-secondary education in the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 OR is a high school senior graduating in 2023 is eligible to apply.

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    Girl in graduation cap and gown smiling at the camera while other graduates mingle behind her

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