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Financial Advisor

Chad Kappler

    Meet Chad.

    I started with Wings Financial five years ago to help people reach their financial goals and Wings has been a great company to help me do that successfully. One of our core beliefs is to put the member first and value each individual relationship. I think that’s a big reason why this company is growing so fast.

    As a newer person on the Wings Financial Advisor team, I’m excited to do even more of what I love: help people with anything related to finance. The sooner you get started, the better, because time is the most valuable asset. Investing and strategizing at a young age can help tremendously when it comes to financial freedom. Also, there are many financial strategies out there (and I am always eager to learn more), but really it’s about you and your individual needs in the end. Let’s find it together.

    I have SIE, Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65 securities licenses. Outside of work, I keep active with hiking, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends. I’m also a big sports fan.

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    Ask me anything.

    Is it more important to invest or pay down debt?
    When it comes to paying down debt, I believe it does depend on what type of debt you are looking into. I believe that all unsecured debt (higher interest rate) should be paid off prior to investing. When it comes to lower interest rate debt (2-4%), such as a mortgage, investing instead may be more beneficial. Everybody’s situation is different, so this could change with certain circumstances.
    How much risk is right for me and my family?
    There is no set-in-stone answer on this question. Everybody’s needs and risk tolerance is different. This is something that also may change with certain life events that happen. This is where a financial advisor can be very beneficial. We can help clients create a strategy to make sure they are at their own acceptable risk tolerance.
    Should I have stocks, bonds, or both?
    I believe having the right mixture of both is key to receiving a desired outcome toward retirement age. It’s important to change the percentage in each product throughout a person’s lifetime as well. Younger individuals can handle more risk with having a larger percentage in stock/equity products. As the individual ages, bonds become a more conservative approach to preserve capital.