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Opportunity Advisor Quiz

Find out if working with an Opportunity Advisor makes sense for you

    Could you use a
    Wings Opportunity Advisor?
    Take this quiz to see if working with one of us makes sense for you.
    Where would you like to end up?
    On a scale of 1-5,
    how would you rate your debt?
    Which of these is most accurate?
    Which of these do you want to
    know more about?
    What is your net worth right now?
    How much are you
    comfortable investing?
    Good news.
    Looks like there’s an opportunity to build more investing confidence in the
    future. Meet with a Wings Opportunity Advisor to see what we can do.
    It sounds like you’re
    on the right track.
    Good job. Let a Wings Opportunity Advisor take you a step further.
    You know what
    you’re doing.
    But there’s always room for improvement! Speak with one of our Wings
    Opportunity Advisors to see what you might be missing.