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Retirement & Saving for College

Giving your children the best opportunities in life is top of mind for most parents. That means you can never start too early on a serious college savings strategy. But that's just one future financial goal. Living the retirement of your dreams means making your money last. Yet outliving our money is a worry we all have. What’s the secret to securing your financial future? Start a goal-oriented savings plan today – and stick with it.

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It’s how people save to buy a home, to send the kids to college and retire in comfort. During your working years, take a portion of your paycheck and send it via direct deposit into a separate, special account at your credit union. If you don’t see it, you don’t miss it. As this money accumulates, move it to more long-term investments consistent with your risk profile and time horizon. With all these goals, retirement especially, time is your friend. Properly invested, money grows. Do you know your retirement shortfalls?

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The key to a comfortable and successful retirement is not outliving the money you’ve saved by creating a budget. Be careful with credit cards and new debt. Claim that senior citizen discount wherever it’s offered. Read the fine print about taxes on all your investments. And use your credit union for all it’s worth; they usually offer the best rates around for your money.

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College costs continue to skyrocket, outpacing increases in income. Without careful planning, your children could find paying for higher education difficult. People with college degrees out earn their less educated peers significantly over a lifetime. They have an easier time getting work and withstand recessions and downsizing better. Start saving now to maximize your child's future.

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