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Contactless Visa® Cards

Contactless Visa cards: Tap. Pay. Be on your way.

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Look, tap & go. It's that easy!

Common Questions About Contactless Cards

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Will I automatically receive a contactless card?

All new and reissued cards come contactless enabled.

How can I prevent my contactless card from being charged accidentally?

Be sure that only one contactless device (say, your contactless card or mobile-payment-enabled phone) is near the terminal at one time.

How does contactless technology compare to Apple Pay?

Most contactless payments, including contactless Visa cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay, use the same NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Samsung Pay, however, works with both NFC technology and MST (Magnetic Secure Transition) technology, which can be used anywhere you can swipe.

What if a retailer doesn’t offer contactless payment?

You can still pay by inserting or swiping your card as usual.

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