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Fraud Action Plan

Think you've been a victim? Here's what to do next.

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Signs You've Been a Victim

Anyone can fall victim to scammers. Keeping a vigilant eye on your finances can help you detect fraud and take action more quickly.

Important Steps to Take

When you’ve been targeted, quick action can help minimize the damage to your financial security and credit score.

Free Credit Score Reporting

Monitoring your credit score is one of the most important steps you can take to manage your financial health. Wings members have a powerful tool to support their financial success: free credit score reporting from VantageScore®.

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Fraud Prevention Tips

Wings will never call you and ask for personal information, such as account or PIN numbers, or call to say your money is at risk. If you get a call like this from Wings, hang up and call us back directly at (800) 692-2274.
Wings Fraud Security
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Receiving incentives like gift cards or checks from people you don't know is a red flag. Stop and think – reach out and research before providing personal or financial information.
Wings Fraud Security
Never provide your online banking credentials to another person or company.
Wings Fraud Security
Never share a one-time access code with another person or entity. If you receive a one-time access code that you did not request, notify your financial institution.
Wings Fraud Security
No legitimate company or government organization will accept payment via gift cards. If someone requests this – it is a scam!
Wings Fraud Security

Wings Fraud Contacts

If you suspect fraud on your account, please call us right away.

Credit Cards

1 (866) 820-3955
(Number is also on the back of your card)


Debit Cards

1 (800) 692-2274

All Other Accounts

1 (800) 692-2274