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Wings Visa® Debit Card

Enjoy easy cash access & secure purchasing power with Visa Debit Cards.
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    Unmatched convenience, plus peace of mind.

    Enjoy convenient cash access and secure purchasing power everywhere Visa is accepted worldwide with a Visa Debit Card from Wings. With a national network of more than 80,000 ATMs and digital banking tools, you have easy, anytime access to your account.

    Manage My Cards

    Easily turn your cards on or off, set travel notifications or report your card lost or stolen all from your smart phone.

    Contactless Enabled Cards

    Enjoy a faster, easier and secure way of paying.

    Real life adds up. Why not get rewarded for it?

    With Wings Member Rewards, it’s easy to earn rewards for the simple purchases you make every day. From buying groceries and gas to shopping online, earn points that you can redeem for rewards you'll actually use.

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    Security at your fingertips.

    Card lost or stolen? No problem. With Manage My Cards you can:

    - Report Card Lost or Stolen: Cards reported lost can be reactivated within 90 days. Stolen cards will be disabled and marked as stolen instantaneously.
    - Turn Card Off/On: Prevent your card from being used for any types of transactions.
    - Order a New Debit or Credit Card: Allows you to easily request a new card after reporting it lost/stolen.
    - Setup Travel Notifications: Prevent your card from being disabled when traveling.

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    Common Questions About Debit Cards

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    Can I use my debit card while travelling internationally?

    Yes, you may use your Wings Debit Card, but we cannot guarantee that it will work for every transaction, as international merchants use varying forms of payment acceptance.

    Our recommendation would be to use our Wings Member Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card or the Wings Member Cash Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. These cards comes with built-in chip technology allowing for enhanced fraud protection and more flexibility while travelling internationally, as well as no foreign transaction fees

    Can I select my own PIN for my debit card?

    Yes! Your Wings Debit Card comes with a unique PIN that is enclosed in the materials received with your card, but if you want to change it, you can!

    Either visit one of our convenient branch locations or change it at any Wings ATM.

    (Please note that in order to change your PIN at an ATM, it must be a Wings ATM.)

    Your PIN acts a signature when you use your debit card for point of sale transactions and to withdraw cash from an ATM.

    For security reasons, you should keep your PIN number to yourself, when the number is used we think that you made the transaction.

    If you forgot your PIN you must go to a branch location to reset it, please bring a photo ID (required for security purposes). Visit a branch location closest to you.

    How do I order a new debit card?

    Call Member Services at 1 800 692-2274 to have one ordered for you.

    If you have a Wings Financial Credit Union checking account you'll want to get our dual-purpose debit card. You can use the debit card at a merchant for purchases or at an ATM to withdraw cash.

    We have a vast ATM network called the STAR, CO-OP, Allpoint/Cardtronics that will allow you to withdraw funds without being charged a fee all over the country!

    Easily find an ATM within our surcharge-free ATM network - over 80,000 nationwide!

    How do I change my personal identification number (PIN) for my debit card?

    To change your PIN (personal identification number) visit a Wings ATM, or a branch location.

    Follow the steps provided. You will need your old PIN in order to create a new one. If you have forgotten your old PIN and need a new one you must visit a branch location for security reasons (a photo ID will be required).