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Free virtual financial education classes
for students, ages 13-15

    Earn a reward by taking classes.

    Wings Financial is committed to helping members succeed. For our members ages 13-15, we’re pleased to introduce our new SOAR EXPLORERS virtual financial education classes. These classes are designed to help our younger members get off to a smart financial start and is intended as a “warm-up” to our SOAR financial education classes, for ages 16-22. Members who complete the two virtual  SOAR EXPLORERS classes and score at least 80% on their post-test will receive a $25 reward, deposited into their Share Savings account!

    Please note: Students must be a member prior to attending SOAR EXPLORERS classes.

    Participants are only eligible to receive the class incentive one time. Students ages 13-15 that have already taken the SOAR in-person classes ARE eligible to take this class as well.


    Complete both classes and earn $25!*

    Each live virtual class is approximately 45 minutes.

    Money Choices

    This class will focus on making good choices with the money we earn, as well as a look at online identity theft.

    Intro to Banking

    Students will learn about different accounts at Wings, learn how to write a check and receive a general understanding about credit cards and loans.

    Registration for January SOAR EXPLORERS is now open:

    Money Choices: Tuesday, January 25th at 4:00 PM CST
    Intro to Banking: Wednesday, January 26th at 4:00 PM CST

    I Plan on Attending the Following Sessions:

    The next step: SOAR

    The next step for our members ages 16-22 is the SOAR program. We are pleased to offer free classes designed to help our younger members make smart financial choices. Members who complete all listed classes and score at least 80% on their post test will receive a $100 reward, deposited to their Share Savings account!

    Learn More about SOAR