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Checking accounts that fit your spending style.
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    Find the checking account that’s right for you.

    Whether you're looking for a simple banking experience or to increase your dividend earning potential, there's a checking account that's perfect for you.

    Free ATM Withdrawals

    Access our network of more than 80,000 surcharge free ATMs.

    Digital Banking

    Keep track of your finances with CU Online and on-the-go with the Wings Mobile App.

    Contactless Enabled Cards

    Enjoy a faster, easier and secure way of paying.
    Compare & find the best account for you. First Class Checking High-Yield Checking


    For members looking to maximize Member Rewards points

    For members looking to maximize dividend earnings

    Annual Percentage Yield (APY)


    If requirements are met:
    On the first $25,000 1.76%
    Amounts over $25,000 0.01%

    If requirements are  not met:
    On the first $25,000 0.01%

    Monthly Service Fees



    Box of Checks

    First box free1

    First box free1

    Bill Payer Service2



    ATM Access

    80,000+ ATMs

    80,000+ ATMs

    Member Rewards Eligible



      First Class Checking Details High-Yield Checking Details

    *Rates effective as of September 15, 2021 and subject to change.
    Membership with a $5.00 minimum opening deposit required.

    To earn the higher dividend rate, members must meet the following requirements:
    - Must be enrolled in eDocuments
    - Must have ACH direct deposit(s) totaling over $300 in the 34 calendar days preceding the last day of the month
    - Must have 15 net PIN or signature point-of-sale debit card transactions over $5 in the 34 calendar days preceding the last day of the month. The net is calculated by counting the number of PIN and signature point-of-sale debit purchase transactions over $5 and subtracting any PIN or signature point-of-sale debit return transactions processed during that period.

    1The first box of checks is free (shipping not included) and must be ordered by phone or in person. Future orders may be ordered online. This offer does not affect Wings' current policy of waiving the check printing fees (one box per year; shipping not included) for members age 65 and over.

    2Approximately 83% of bill payments are made electronically. Payments may also be made via corporate check or draft check. The specific payment method is determined by criteria including (but not limited to) payee, account information and payment history. Non-sufficient funds charges could occur if funds are not available for payments.

    A layer of protection for your account. Standard.

    Overdraft Protection uses available funds from a linked account to cover your transactions if you don’t have enough money in your checking account.

    In the case that an overdraft occurs, a transfer takes place once per day to bring the checking account to a positive balance. Overdraft Protection is automatically set up from your Share Savings account. You can also add a line of credit, another checking account, Money Manager, and/or additional savings accounts, up to a total of four accounts, as Overdraft Protection.

    In addition, Overdraft Protection Plus offers an extra layer of protection in the case that Overdraft Protection is insufficient for your needs. (Opt-in required. A fee will apply if this service is used. ODP+ Agreement and Disclosure.)

    Add Additional Accounts as Overdraft Protection

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    Secure your account with the press of a button.

    Card lost or stolen? No problem. With Manage My Cards you can:

    - Report Card Lost or Stolen: Cards reported lost can be reactivated within 90 days. Stolen cards will be disabled and marked as stolen instantaneously.
    - Turn Card Off/On: Prevent your card from being used for any types of transactions.
    - Order a New Debit or Credit Card: Allows you to easily request a new card after reporting it lost/stolen.
    - Setup Travel Notifications: Prevent your card from being disabled when traveling.

    Learn about Manage My Cards

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    Real life adds up. Get rewarded for it.

    Earn points on signature-based purchases, then redeem them for rewards that match your life – from gift cards, name-brand merchandise, travel or even directly with some of your favorite online retailers.

    Start Earning with Member Rewards

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    Take the next step forward, together.

    Wings Financial is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to the well-being of our members, right now and into the future. Get started today, and we’ll help you start planning what’s next.

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