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Cut the paper clutter! Sign up for eDocuments to receive your statements, account notices and tax documents via CU Online and Wings Mobile.

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  1. Sign into CU Online and select “Statements”.
  2. Review the disclosure and click “Accept.” You’ll see your current statement right away, together with up to 36 months of previous statements.

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Common Questions About eDocuments

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Which documents are available as eDocuments?

Account statements; Tax documents like 1098s, 1099, and 5498; account notices.

Where can I access tax reporting documents online?

  1. Log into CU Online
  2. Click on "Statements" in the top menu.

You should see PDF links to your available tax documents.

How do I receive my 1099 Tax Form?

The IRS only requires us to report dividends earned if it was over ten dollars, so if you earned less than that in dividends, you would not receive a 1099-INT.

Dividends earned for the prior year are available through CU Online in the eDocuments section or you are welcome to give us a call at 1 (800) 692-2274 and we can discuss your account.

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