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Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks anywhere, anytime with Mobile Deposit.


Check depositing made easy.

Accessing your money should be easy. With Mobile Deposit in the Wings mobile app, you can deposit your checks without having to leave home. Follow the three steps below to get started.

Get started with Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is available through the Wings mobile app for members with a checking or savings account, no enrollment needed. To get started with Mobile Deposit, you will first need to download the app on a mobile device with a camera. Begin depositing checks anywhere, anytime.

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How to Use Mobile Deposit

Learn how to use Mobile Deposit in the Wings mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are funds available immediately?

Deposit availability differs for each member and is based on a variety of factors, such as average balance and length of membership.

Are there dollar amount limits for Mobile Deposit?

There isn't a limit to how much you can deposit, however there is a limit to the amount of the deposit that will be immediately available. To view your daily limit for immediate fund availability, click on the “Deposit” tab in the mobile app. Dollar amount limits are customized for each member and may change over time.

Why isn’t my mobile deposit being accepted?

Here are some helpful tips to try if your mobile deposit isn’t being accepted:
  • Make sure your check is properly endorsed on the back. It should be signed and the following sentence should be included on one line: For mobile deposit only at Wings
  • The picture of the check should be taken on a dark background with good lighting
  • Personal checks with standard formatting work best for mobile deposits
If you’re still having an issue making a mobile deposit, please contact us.

The power of a Wings branch, in your hands.

Wings mobile banking makes it easy to manage your money virtually anywhere, anytime. Manage your debit and credit cards. Get immediate fraud alerts. Even open new accounts or apply for a loan – right from your mobile phone.

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