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Card Controls

Take control of your cards from anywhere.

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Card control features

Wings offers security features on your debit and credit cards with card controls in digital banking.

Customize your card alerts

Set up custom alerts for each of your cards, including alerts for:

  • International transactions
  • Specific types of transactions
  • Exceeding spending limits

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Accelerated. Automated. Your best defense against card fraud.

At Wings Credit Union, we’re serious about protecting you from fraudulent activity on your credit or debit card.

That’s why we’ve strengthened our defenses with an automated system that can identify threats faster, notify you sooner, and equip you with the tools you need to take IMMEDIATE action against fraud.

Fraud Alerts allows you to receive an automated call that easily walks you through reviewing suspicious activity on your card.

More about Fraud Alerts

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Members should be aware that, while Wings Credit Union does monitor fraudulent or suspicious account activity and may proactively contact a member about this activity, we will never call and ask for confidential information such as your entire account number or PIN. Contact 1 (800) 692-2274 if you have provided confidential information.

Common Questions About Manage My Cards

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What does locking my card in digital banking prevent me from doing?

Locking your card will prevent it from being used for any transactions, including ATM deposits and withdrawals, preauthorized autopayments, and in-store and online purchases.

How do I sign up for Member Rewards in digital banking?

Members who apply for and receive a Wings Member Rewards Visa® Signature Credit card will be automatically enrolled in Member Rewards.

Can I notify Wings about my travel plans?

To notify us of your travel plans, you can set up a travel notice in digital banking by selecting Travel Notice from the menu. You can select the destination you're traveling to and the duration of your trip.

The power of a Wings branch, in your hands.

Wings mobile banking makes it easy to manage your money virtually anywhere, anytime. Deposit a check. Manage your debit and credit cards. Get immediate fraud alerts. Even open new accounts or apply for a loan – right from your mobile phone.

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