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Virtual Assistant Skye

Meet Skye, the Wings Virtual Assistant.

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Meet Skye.

Our Virtual Assistant Skye helps thousands of members answering questions on our digital platforms. Over the phone, Skye can also handle many of your most common transactions, such as checking your balance, moving money, or looking up account details. Skye is available 24/7, even on holidays. If you need human assistance, Skye will quickly transfer you to the right person or department during business hours.

Reasons to love Skye.

  • Conversation Topics

  • Availability

  • Faster Service

Ask Skye a question.

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Chat with Skye.

Skye is available from within all your favorite Wings tools! You can chat with Skye on our website, in the Wings mobile app, or with SMS text messages (1 (800) 692-2274).

Skye can answer your questions, link you to account information, and even provide video tutorials!

If you need something too complicated for Skye to help with, Skye will smartly connect you with the proper agent during normal business hours.

Chat With Skye

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Give Skye a call.

Welcome to a more modern version of phone banking, have a conversation with Skye!

Just ask a question and you'll soon find Skye is able to do account transactions or look up account information - no need to listen to an entire phone menu. For example, you can say, "Transfer $100 from my Savings account to my Checking account" and Skye will handle it!

If you need that human touch, Skye will smartly transfer you to the right department or agent during normal business hours to help.


Call Skye

Enhanced security
with Voice ID.

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Wings Voice ID utilizes the industry's leading voice biometrics system, trusted by institutions worldwide, to identify you and prevent fraud. Your Voice ID can't be stolen, is unique to you, and securely encrypted.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are the different options for talking to Skye?

Skye is available through chat on our website, online banking, and the Wings Mobile App. You can also speak with Skye by calling 1 (800) 692-2274.

Is Skye secure to use?

Absolutely! The chat version of Skye uses the same authentication as our digital banking to verify your identity. On the phone, Skye uses Voice ID, or alternative methods if necessary, to verify your identity.

Can I speak to a human?

If Skye can’t help with your question, Skye can smartly transfer or connect you with one of our local Wings member service agents during normal business hours.

What if I need to speak with a specific person or department when I call?

If you have a four digit extension of an individual or department, you will have an opportunity to enter that at the beginning of your call.

What can Skye help me with over the phone?

Not only can Skye answer lots of questions about Wings Credit Union, Skye can also help you with all sorts of transactions including; transferring funds, loan payments, and simple inquiries like checking an account balances or recent transactions.

See Skye in action.


Simply type or say what you need! Skye is completely interactive. Don’t worry about using keywords or special phrases, Skye is intelligent and designed to understand what you’re asking.

You could type, “What are your hours?” or give Skye a call and say, “I’d like to transfer $100 from my savings account to my checking account.”

Watch this video to see an example of how Skye works.

The power of a Wings branch, in your hands.

Wings mobile banking makes it easy to manage your money virtually anywhere, anytime. Deposit a check. Manage your debit and credit cards. Get immediate fraud alerts. Even open new accounts or apply for a loan – right from your mobile phone.

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