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Overdraft Protection Plus

An additional option to reduce declined transactions.

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Extra payment peace-of-mind

It can happen to anyone: you make a payment or purchase, then discover your account is short. Typically, that would result in a declined payment or returned check – and an unpaid balance.

Overdraft Protection Plus is designed to cover the payment of checks and ACH debits, even when your current balance is insufficient.  In addition, members can opt in to have debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals covered.  Think of it as an extra layer of protection, in case standard overdraft protection (which draws on a savings account or line-of-credit) is unavailable.

No charge to opt in.

If you never use the service, you pay nothing. If Overdraft Protection Plus is activated due to insufficient funds, a $30 per-transaction fee will apply.

Total overdrafts must not exceed $600. Applicable fees will be added to the overdraft amount.

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Not a payment guarantee.

Wings will pay overdrafts at our discretion; we are not obligated to pay any item if your balance is insufficient. Rather than automatically declining items, we will consider approving a reasonable overdraft as a courtesy.

There are less expensive options.

Wings checking accounts are automatically set up to have funds transferred from savings, should an overdraft occur. You can also add a line of credit, additional savings, checking or Money Manager account as free overdraft protection.

Remember, if Overdraft Protection Plus is activated, that means your account is overdrawn. You will need to repay the overdraft and any associated fees in a timely manner.