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VantageScore® credit reporting.

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Get a truer view of your credit health.

Monitoring your credit score is one of the most important steps you can take to manage your financial health. Wings members have a powerful tool to support their financial success: credit score reporting from VantageScore. 

How to access your VantageScore:

  • Log into digital banking

  • Find VantageScore on your account dashboard

  • Opt-in to enable your score

Common Questions About Credit Scores

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How can I see my credit score?

You will need to enroll in VantageScore Credit Reporting to see your credit score. To enroll, find the VantageScore tile on your dashboard in digital banking, then agree to the disclosure. Once you have enrolled, you will see your credit score on your account dashboard.

Will getting the scores through Wings affect my credit score?

No. The reports pulled for this are called “soft” inquiries. Soft inquiries are all credit inquiries where your credit is NOT being reviewed by a prospective lender.

What makes up my VantageScore?

Credit scoring models weigh many different factors, including the mix of types of accounts, the number of accounts you have and the length of time you've had them.

What are credit score Reason Codes?

Reason Codes are standardized alphanumeric identifiers that provide an explanation for various events, actions, or outcomes. Generally, they are used to help you better understand what goes into determining your credit score.

For more information about Reason Codes, please visit

What do the Reason Codes on my credit score mean?

Reason Codes are used to help you better understand what goes into determining your credit score. To view what each Reason Code means on your credit score, please visit and enter in the codes you would like to know more about.

Why is my credit score different with VantageScore?

It's important to recognize that the various scoring models use slightly different criteria to determine your credit score. Newer models like VantageScore 4.0 are designed on the most recent timeframe and represent current consumer and lending practices. More data is incorporated to give a more complete picture of your credit standing. Also:

  • Lenders use a variety of third-party models, as well as customized models. Monitor your score, but realize that it may not be the same model or score used on a future loan application.
  • If your score declined to an extent that you think lenders will offer you poorer terms and higher rates:
    • Examine the reason codes provided with your score to understand which behaviors are causing the decline.
    • Consider using a credit monitoring tool that provides recommendations for improving your score.
    • Check your credit reports for accuracy.

If my credit score changes, will the rate on my loan(s) change?

No. A change in your credit score will not impact existing credit accounts. However, it could influence the rates you are offered on future applications for credit.

Enrollment is required

To begin receiving complimentary credit score reporting from VantageScore, you will need to enroll and agree to user terms.

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