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Article | May

Protecting against Fraud and Identity Theft

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May 14, 2019
Fraud and Identity Theft are an unfortunate part of today's world. Whether through internet schemes, phone scams, or tax related attempts, scammers are out there trying to obtain your personal information in a variety of ways. Wings Credit Union is here to help provide you with knowledge, tools, and preventive tips valuable in the fight against fraud:

Fraudsters can reach out to you with both positive and negative news and disorient you so that they can lure you to take immediate action. Below are a few common scams in which a scammer will contact you:
  • Tech Support – You’re alerted that you have a computer problem that needs to be fixed immediately by a technician who requests access to computer
  • IRS Impostor - You get a call from the IRS saying you owe back taxes and to put money on a prepaid debit card and then provide the card number or send the money by wire transfer
  • You’ve Won - You are alerted that you have won a sweepstakes, and to collect your prize you must pay a fee, some taxes, or custom duties. Any money you send is gone forever
  • Loan Scam - You’re notified that you have been approved for a loan. You provide your account information so they can make the deposit and “as an act of good faith” you must send them part of the deposit back to receive the rest of the money
  • Grandparent Scam - You receive a call from a relative indicating they are in trouble and need money sent to them immediately
 In Response
Scammers can respond to your online profile and posts, using your eagerness to entice you to commit to their scam. Below are a few common scams in which a scammer will respond to you:
  • Online Job/Secret Shopper - You applied for a job online and are offered a position. You are sent a check to deposit and then are asked to send money or gift cards back to the fraudster. The check is returned as counterfeit and you are out the money that you sent
  • Online Sales Scam - You sell an item on an online sales to someone who pays for the item with a check for a larger amount than the purchase price. You are instructed to deposit the check, keep your portion and send the overage back
  • Online Dating Scam - You meet someone on a dating website and after beginning a courtship they ask you for money
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