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Wings Response to COVID-19
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    Branch lobbies are open

    Wings Financial branch lobbies are open for member and teller services, with no appointment necessary.

    As you plan your visit, we ask that you assess your personal health condition. If you have concerns about your health or are ill, we ask that you stay home and use other options to manage your accounts like Wings Mobile app or CU Online.

    We ask that all members using branches wear face masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Also, in the interest of public health, we reserve the right to limit the number of people allowed in branch lobbies at one time.

    Loan payment relief for members impacted by COVID-19

    Wings has proudly worked with each of our members in times of need, much like we continue to see today. Rather than a one size fits all approach, we want to find solutions that meet members’ unique needs, while providing multiple ways for members to request assistance.

    Personal Accounts
    We know many members prefer a self-service options for management of their loans, so we recently expanded the ability for our members to request assistance via CU Online or Mobile Banking using the Skip-a-Pay feature, and we’ve temporarily removed the Skip-a-Pay fee. Skip-a-Pay is currently available for consumer loans including auto, recreational (boat, RV, etc.), line of credit, credit card and HELOC.

    Wings members with a first mortgage loan can use the Skip-a-Pay feature to request assistance too, but the process will involve a representative from Wings contacting you to explain the process for a payment forbearance. Mortgage borrowers impacted by COVID-19 are generally eligible for up to six months of payment forbearance once they complete a very brief agreement with Wings.

    Business Accounts
    Many businesses are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 and Wings is committed to working with our members during this difficult time. Rather than a one size fits all approach, we want to find solutions that meet members’ unique needs.

    If you are struggling to make your commercial loan payment or need other assistance, please contact us at

    Contact us to discuss your individual needs

    Our phone and online contacts are always available for you in order to assist with your needs.

    Contact Us

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    Keeping your money safe

    Your Deposits at Wings Financial remain safe under NCUA insurance up to a minimum of $250,000 per individual.

    Learn More about NCUA Insurance

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    Protect against COVID-19 scams

    While your money is insured with the NCUA, you should maintain vigilance on your accounts against scams related to COVID-19. Some scams include:

    - Fake cures or vaccines
    - Fake charities
    - Person(s) pretending to be in need

    You can always tell it's a scam if the person calling asks your SSN, account information, credit card information, or driver's license number. You will also have to pay in order to receive other funds, such as a stimulus check.

    Learn more about how you can protect yourself from fraud during this time:

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