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Easily make transfers & payments.

Digital banking makes it easy to transfer funds and make payments. You can set up transfers to and from your accounts in digital banking.

Member to Member transfers

With the new Member to Member transfer feature in digital banking, you can easily and securely transfer money to others with Wings accounts. There are two simple ways to transfer funds.

Create a unique code

You can create a unique code and share it with another Wings member to allow them to securely transfer funds into your account. See how:

Transfer using account information

You can also transfer funds using account details. To do this, you’ll need to provide your last name, checking or savings account number, and account type to the other member to allow them to transfer funds into your account. See how:

When using account details, make sure you are only sharing your information with others that you trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I make a transfer to another member?

You can securely send money to another Wings member in digital banking. Login to digital banking, then select "Transfers & Payments" in the menu. From there, choose "Member to Member Accounts" and fill in the requested information. You can either set up a transfer using account information or by creating a unique code.

Why can't I use a member to member code?

Codes can't be used more than once. Please create a code that is unique to you.

How can I remove a Member to Member connection?

You can remove a Member to Member connection by navigating to the "Transfers & Payments" menu, then select "Member to Member Accounts". You can remove connected accounts under the "Manage" tab.