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It's time to own your money.

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At banks, you’re a customer. Here, you’re an owner.

Many people don’t know the difference between banks and a credit union like Wings. In its simplest form, it all comes down to ownership. 

Profits for you, not shareholders.

Wings is a not-for-profit cooperative where every single member is also an owner. So while bank profits generally go to shareholders, Wings’ profits are reinvested in providing member-owners higher savings yields, lower loan rates, fewer fees and more.

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Your financial health is our priority.

As Minnesota’s largest credit union, Wings has a large pool of resources committed to helping its member-owners through a variety of channels:

Own it.

You own your style. You own your voice. You own your life. So if you’re still using a traditional bank as your primary financial institution, it’s time to own your money.

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