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Bill Payer System Information

Bill Payer: the Convenient Way to Pay Bills

The Wings Bill Payer service offers a quick and easy way to pay your bills online. Bill Payer allows you to schedule all your payments in one place – eliminating the hassle of paying bills on multiple websites and the expense of sending paper checks. Plus, Bill Payer is free if you pay three or more bills per month. Use Bill Payer for all these bills and more:

  • Credit Cards
  • External Loan Payments
  • Utilities
  • Cell Phone
  • Doctors/Dentist
  • Insurance
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Scheduling Payments with Bill Payer

Scheduling payments with Bill Payer is simple and straightforward:

Simply log in to CU Online and click the Bill Payer icon in the top menu. Bill Payer will guide you through the process of selecting payees, entering necessary information and scheduling your first payment. 


Setting Up eBills

Some payees offer the option of having statements delivered electronically to your Bill Payer tool. You'll see your balance and due dates right where you set up payments. Simply enter your login information for the payee, and your bill will be retrieved when it's ready.


Important Information About Electronic Payments

The majority of bill payments are made electronically via ACH transfer. Payments may also be made via corporate check or draft check. The specific payment method is determined by criteria including (but not limited to) payee, account information and payment history. 


Bill Payer FAQs

Is there a fee for using Bill Payer

Bill Payer is free when you make 3 payments per month. If you make fewer than 3 payments in a single month, a $5.95 fee will apply.

When will funds be debited from my account?

Payments sent electronically or by corporate check will be debited electronically from your account on the delivery date. Payments sent as a draft check will be debited from your account when the payee cashes the check.

What happens if funds are not available in my account?

Bill Payer will re-attempt an electronic payment within 24 business hours if the first attempt results in non-sufficient funds (NSF). If a draft check is returned with NSF, it is up to the payee’s bank to resubmit payment. An NSF fee will apply to the account used for payment.

Is there an option to expedite payment?

Some payees accept expedited payments, indicated by a “Rush Delivery” link under the “Deliver By” field on your Payment Center. When Rush Delivery is selected, the available delivery date will auto-fill and the fee amount - either $9.95 or $14.95 - will appear under the “Amount” field on your Payment Center.

Can I change or cancel payments?

Yes, however, any payment changes or cancellations must be received in Bill Payer before the payment begins processing.

Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes!  Simply click the AutoPay link under individual payees to prevent missed payments.

  • AutoPay: You can set up automatic payments according to your preferred schedule (weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc). You can change or cancel AutoPay at any time.
  • AutoPay for eBills: You can set up some eBills to be paid automatically according to options you select. You can change or cancel AutoPay for eBills at any time.

Is payment delivery guaranteed?

If you schedule the payment for on-time delivery according to the service's terms and conditions, Bill Payer will bear the responsibility for any late-payment-related charges (up to $50) should a payment arrive after its due date.

What are eBills?

eBills are sometimes confused with Bill Payer bill payments. eBills are an electronic delivery option for your billing statement from a specific biller. By selecting eBills, you are choosing to receive your statement electronically through our Bill Payer system. This involves entering login information to the vendor’s web site so your bill can be retrieved when it is ready.

Why don’t I have to enter the address or other information for some companies?

Bill Payer maintains relationships with thousands of companies, which enables us to manage their contact information for you. We don’t have to ask you for the contact info for these companies, because we already have it. If the address changes, these companies contact us directly.

What forms of payment are sent through Bill Payer?

There are three forms of payment used in Bill Payer:

  • Electronic payment: The payment is sent via electronic funds transfer, and each payment is associated with your account number with the payee.
  • Corporate check: A paper check is drawn against Bill Payer’s corporate checking account. The check is printed with your name, address, account number, payment date and payment amount, plus any memo information, if applicable. This check number will not appear on your statement. The check is void after 90 days.
  • Draft check: A laser draft check is similar to a personal check. The payment is debited from the your checking account when the Payee submits the check for deposit.

What percentage of Bill Payer payments are made electronically?

Approximately 83% of bill payments are made electronically.

How are payment methods determined?

Whether a specific payment is made via electronic funds transfer or check is determined by a variety of criteria, which may include (but are not limited to) payee name, location, account information, payment volume and payment history.

What payment model does Bill Payer use?

In Bill Payer's risk-based payment model, you select the day you would like the payee to receive they payment. The payment is sent to the payee before the due date, and funds are not debited from your account until the selected pay date.

How much Bill Payer transaction history will be stored?

Account history for Bill Payer transactions will be stored and available for 84 months, or 7 years. You can find this information under the Activity tab.

Can I export Bill Payer history?

Yes, you can download your payment information to a spreadsheet and import the file into a number of different personal financial software applications.