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Savings Rates Dividend Rate APY
1 Year Certificate Rate: 1.15% APY: 1.15%
5 Year Certificate Rate: 2.50% APY: 2.52%
Share Savings Rate: 0.15% APY: 0.15%
Loan Products Rate APR
Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUVs As low as: 2.49%
Motorcycles As low as: 3.24%
Boats As low as: 3.49%
Mortgage Products Rate APR
30 Year Fixed Rate: 4.50% APR: 4.547%
10/1 Year ARM Rate: 4.00% APR: 4.116%
5/1 Year ARM Rate: 3.50% APR: 3.722%

For a safe, secure investment over a specific term, Wings Financial offers a number of certificate options with highly competitive rates that consistently rank among the nation's best.


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