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Life Guidance: Budgeting 101

Create a plan for monthly saving and spending.
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Take the mystery out of budgeting.

There’s no better time than today to begin saving for the future. But where do you start? Building a budget based on your income is the first step. A budget takes into account how much you earn and spend each month, so you can see how much is left over for savings. At Wings, we’re committed to helping our members establish a path to financial well-being. Making sure you have the budgeting tools you need is just one way we make this happen.

In-person and online banking support

Financial advisors to help you reach your goals

Different accounts for different ways to save

How to start a budget.

Creating a budget breaks down into three areas: how much you make, how much you spend and how much you want to save. 

  1. Record earnings. Write down how much you earn each month after taxes are taken out. This is your net income for the month, and the amount you have to spend and save.
  2. Review expenses. Take a look at what you spend on fixed expenses. Start with the bills you have to pay each month, like rent or your mortgage, insurance and utilities, credit cards, childcare and loan payments. Then, write down how much you spend on flex items, such as going out to eat and shopping.
  3. Calculate savings. After you’ve done the math on these expenses, take a look at what’s left. This is the amount you have remaining each month for savings like retirement and emergency funds.
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Helping our youngest members succeed.

Wings Financial has financial literacy programs specifically designed for youth up to age 22. From rewards for savings to education on basic money skills, these programs can help set your child on the path to long-term financial success.

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