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Refer a Friend or Family Member and Get Rewarded!

Tell your friends and family about Wings Financial Credit Union and we will pay you up to $500 per year.

Here is how it works:

  1. Register with ReferLive™ by telling us who you are.
  2. Share the name and email address of your friend or family member.
  3. Your friend or family will receive an email asking them to register for the offer.
  4. Once registered, your friend or family must become a member, open a Wings First Class
    Checking Account, and complete the following requirements within 60 days:
  • Sign up for eDocuments which includes eStatements


  • Has one direct deposit of $300 or more OR 5 Point of Sale (signature based) debit card transactions

By completing the above requirements, both you and your friend will receive a $50 VISA® Reward Card by mail.

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Here is how you can start referring:

  1. Visit
  2. Visit any of our convenient branch locations and ask for a ReferLive brochure.
  3. Call our referral ambassador line at (844) 624-5258 and make a referral by phone.

Refer on the go with the ReferLive Mobile App!

The process is easy and rewarding. All you need to know is your friend or family's name and email address to complete a referral. New account holder must meet the qualification requirements within 60 days after establishing membership.

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Download Wings Mobile for Apple Devices

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Terms and Conditions

Refer-A-Friend Checking Account Offer: The person making the referral (referrer) will earn a $50 Visa® reward card for each individual referred to Wings Financial Credit Union who becomes a member, opens a new First Class Checking Account, and completes the offer requirements within 60 days after establishing membership. To make a referral, the referrer must submit a valid email address for both the referrer and each referred person. A member may receive up to ten (10) Visa® Reward Cards ($500 value) within a calendar year. Referral must be made prior to the new member opening the account.
To earn a $50 Visa® reward card, the referred person must complete the following requirements within 60 days after establishing membership and opening a First Class Checking Account: 
Set up eStatements AND Have one direct deposit of $300 or more OR 5 Point of Sale debit card transactions
Account must be active and in good standing 60 days after account opening in order to receive the reward. Member 18 years of age and over must have legal capacity to enter into individual account agreement. If a member is under age 18, the account must be joint with a parent or legal guardian. Offer cannot be combined with other offers and is subject to change (at Wings Financial Credit Union’s discretion) at any time without notice. Employees are ineligible for this offer. 
Referral is only good for 180 days from the time the referral is made. Referred member must qualify for membership and must open a $5 Share Savings account. Membership is subject to credit approval. 
Incentive is only offered to those who have never had a membership at Wings Financial Credit Union or those whom have not had a Primary Share Savings account for over a year.
Referrer must be a current Wings Financial Credit Union member, in good standing, in order to receive the reward. If the referrer is not a member, no reward cards will be sent to either party. Wings, in their sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse payment of the reward.
Please allow up to 4-6 weeks, after completing all requirements of this offer, for delivery of your Reward Card. Each Reward Card amount may be reported to the IRS, state, and local tax authorities if required by applicable law. 
Recipient is responsible for any federal, state, and/or local taxes on reward items.
Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa, Inc. Visa® is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion.