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CU Online:
Manage & Track Your Money More Easily

Powerful features. Enhanced customization. CU Online is designed to make everyday money management simpler and more convenient.

Enjoy these features and more with the CU Online!


We hope you enjoy your online banking experience!


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The first time you sign in to CU Online, go to the Wings Financial home page at www.wingsfinancial.com . You will be guided through a series of verification and set-up screens, including a step where you will be sent a one-time access code via text message or voice message.
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Be sure your mobile provider has not blocked shortcodes (texts coming from a short string of numbers) to your phone. If you choose text verification and you do not receive our text message, your carrier may have shortcodes blocked on your phone. Please be sure your carrier unblocks messages from Wings (32858).

You may also select the voice option for your phone as an alternative.
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CU Online will offer Wings members a variety of features plus the flexibility to offer more features over time. We are pleased to offer the following features:

  1. Manage your Debit Cards - When you use the Manage My Cards feature, you can suspend or cancel your card, report it lost or stolen, order a new card, enroll in signature rewards, and more.
  2. Apply for Loans - Applying for a loan has never been easier! Simply sign into CU Online and then click on "Member Services" to see what loans are available to apply for. We do most of the work for you and we process it quickly.
  3. Pending Debit Transactions - View pending transactions that have not yet cleared your account.
  4. Password Reset and Unlock - In the past, if you were locked out of your account, you had to call Wings. With the new password reset feature, you can unlock your account on your own by going through our online verification process.
  5. Secure Messaging - Have issues with your account? You can now send messages to representatives in our Contact Center through our secure messaging service, including the ability to upload screen shots or other attachments.
  6. 2 Years of eStatements Available - We have expanded the number of eStatements available to you from one year to two years.
  7. Enhanced Security - If you have enrolled, you will notice we have added additional security features to further protect your financial information as required by government regulations.
  8. Money Tracker - This personal financial management tool allows you to manage all your financial accounts in one place - including importing accounts outside of Wings. Set goals, track spending and more!

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If you have signed in to CU Online already, you have already experienced several security features. Among them are:

  • Updated Password Requirements - Wings has expanded password requirements so they must now include combinations of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols.
  • One-Time Passcode - This is a code sent to you by voice or text message that is outside the internet session you are using decreasing the chance of fraud.
  • Challenge Questions - Members will be asked to set up new challenge questions.
  • Security Image - Select a security image and name it so you can verify it appears each time you log in. If you do not see the image you selected, it is possible you have encountered a Phishing site.
  • Automatic Time Out - After 20 minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out of your account.
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Yes. Recurring transfers are being transferred from the previous system. In some rare cases, your transfer may not have been moved to the new system. If you do not see a transfer, you can reset the transfers in the Transfer Funds section of CU Online.
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We were not able to hide the accounts that were hidden on the old CU Online. However, you can hide them yourself by going to Member Services - Hide Accounts.
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No. Any alerts you have will not transfer to the new system. You can reset them in the new CU Online, and choose from an enhanced selection of alert options.
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